The Napa Valley Museum Yountville  is open again and what better way to say welcome back” than with an exhibit guaranteed to bring a tingle to your spine and raise the hairs on your neck! Dangerous Games is an eye-popping look at the treacherous toys many of us survived as kids in the pre-childhood-safety world of Lawn Darts, radioactive chemistry sets and everyone’s favorite – Slip’N Slide.


Along with thrills and chills, it’s time to ask you, our loyal supporter, for a few green bills.

We’re committed to raising $100,000 by September 25, 2022. The great news if we reach just half that, the first $50,000, will be matched by our generous supporter,  LSD Enterprises LLC,  getting us to $100,000 in half the time. It would be Dangerous to delay...

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"Dangerous Games: Treacherous Toys We Loved As Kids" is the kind of totally original exhibition that the Napa Valley Museum is known for - thanks to you!
So come join the fun as we celebrate the era and the thrill of
Dangerous Games!


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